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Swimming pool design company in Dhaka

Best Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool Builders, Suppliers & Construction in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Swimming is a major hobby and recreational sport for many individuals. Just like anything else, swimming pools come in all different types, designs, sizesshapes and are used for various purposes. • Ground PoolArchitectural PoolFamily Pool: Recreational Swimming Pool • Infinity PoolIndoor or Outdoor Pool • Kiddie Pool etc. Commonly swimming pool design refers to the design & creation of the different types of swimming pools and their accessories.

Swimming pool design always offers the luxury of year-round enjoyment

Swimming pool offers the luxury of year-round enjoyment as well as privacy. It also presents an exciting opportunity to create a unique interior space for play, exercise, entertainment—or all three.

Nothing is more relaxing than lounging by a stunning pool and going for a healthy swim. 

We are offering swimming pool construction work, renovation & supply accessories of all type pools, steam bath & water features. Don't hesitate if you are planning to have it in-ground, above ground, infinity or spa pool. Optimal is a leading swimming pool builders/suppliers company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We offer the following services under swimming pool design:

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Great advantages of having swimming pool design

  • Year-round workout

    Swimming offers break for many kinds of physical and medical problems. Pools put in schools, hotels, spas, and even homes allow anyone to simply jump in for regular cardio exercise or just to refresh after heavy exercise at any time of the year, whether it is summer, autumn, winter, or spring.

  • Gigantic source of better heart

    Swimming is the better option to improve your cardiovascular health. Since swimming is a low impact exercise, you can do everything from a few laps of breaststroke to a high energy 500m freestyle crawls — all with minimal strain on the body. This means you can go much harder during your workout sessions without risking injury.

  • Multi-Use

    Pool houses can double as a completely separate guesthouse, kids’ playroom, parent’s private retreat, home gym or office. These multi-use space can even be turned into an outdoor kitchen complete with food prep, storage, and serving areas.

  • Safety

    Pool safety should always be top of the agenda when constructing a pool, having a room close by allows for storage of first aid necessities.

  • Privacy

    By constructing a guest house separate to the heart of the home, guests don’t have any need to walk through the main part of the home which would come in handy when the opportunity for an urge of the moment comes up.

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