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Hospital space interior design Firm in Dhaka

Hospital Space Interior Design Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

It is no secret that hospital patients are influenced by their surroundings. Hospital design directly impacts patient health – in more ways than one might think.

Hospital Space Interior design directly impacts on patient health

Today hospital designers are trying to evolve hospitals beyond their infamously sterile décor. Care is being taken to use color, nature and way finding to ease a patient’s hospital stay. The following are five ways hospital design influences patient health – where care should be taken to improve patient recovery.

Hospital Space Interior design directly impacts on patient health

Patient satisfaction is another important driver impacting hospital room design.

Interior designers have the rich experience of handling hospitals designs. They are quite aware of the requirements in a hospital.

Planned Interior Designs for Hospitals in Dhaka, Comilla, Sylhet, Ctg, Barisal

Our designers will design it accordingly. The reception area of the hospital has to be made in such a manner that there is not much of congestion.

Building a hospital interior, remember the following things

  • Patient-centeredness, including
    • using variable-acuity rooms and single-bed rooms
    • ensuring sufficient space to accommodate family members
    • enabling access to health care information
    • having clearly marked signs to navigate the hospital
  • Safety, including
    • applying the design and improving the availability of assistive devices to avert patient falls
    • using ventilation and filtration systems to control and prevent the spread of infections
    • using surfaces that can be easily decontaminated
    • facilitating hand washing with the availability of sinks and alcohol hand rubs
    • preventing patient and provider injury
    • addressing the sensitivities associated with the interdependence of care, including work spaces and work processes
  • Effectiveness, including
    • use of lighting to enable visual performance
    • use of natural lighting
    • controlling the effects of noise
  • Efficiency, including
    • standardizing room layout, location of supplies and medical equipment
    • minimizing potential safety threats and improving patient satisfaction by minimizing patient transfers with variable-acuity rooms
  • Timeliness, by
    • ensuring rapid response to patient needs
    • eliminating inefficiencies in the processes of care delivery
    • facilitating the clinical work of nurses
  • Equity, by
  • ensuring the size, layout, and functions of the structure meet the diverse care needs of patients

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