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Medical clinic interior design in Dhaka

Medical Clinic Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The interior of an aesthetic clinic is essential to the overall patient experience. From the lighting and colour scheme, to the layout of furniture and display materials, it is essential to create a welcoming environment for patients to feel instantly at ease by the quality of their surroundings.

The creation of functional, aesthetically-pleasing spaces, will in turn improve the patient experience, comfort and overall satisfaction, and may even increase employee productivity.

In this article, we shall be detailing how to create the ideal environment for patients and outlining points to consider when choosing interiors for an aesthetic clinic.

  • Look for inspiration: Take a look at a few different sites and consider what aspects of design you like, what works well and what could translate into your own clinic environment.

  • Evaluate: Look at the layout and door space of your clinic and consider how the space should function. How can the layout operate at maximum e to allow patients and stay to interact as seamlessly as possible?

  • Payment processing Ideally transactions are made with as much discretion as possible.

  • Secure storage of products Important not only from a security perspective, but also considering botulinum toxin is a prescription medication that needs to be securely stored.

  • Waiting room How many patients can wait at any time? Consider that some patients may bring a friend or family member.

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