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Leading garden pond design company in Dhaka

Leading garden pond, water falls design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Are you looking for an expert team who can add the relaxation of water to your landscape in a pond with a waterfall, recycling fountain, garden pond, reflection pool, or water sculpture. Include outdoor lighting to highlight your waterfall and fountain in the evening. A great way to end a busy day.

Optimal interior design offer a wide range of fountain design, fabrication, repair, restoration and maintenance services to enhance cityscapes, landscapes and public spaces with invigorating, dynamic water features that will stand the test of time.

Consider the following things before designing and constructing your own garden pond

A fountain is a piece of architecture which pours water into a basin or jets it into the air to supply drinking water and/or for a decorative or dramatic effect.

There are similar advantages with interior landscape having exterior landscape design
  • Choosing the Location:

    Before starting construction of your desired pond consoider the pond position to be in an area which is in partial shade.

  • Plan the pond depth:

    If the proposed pond is purely for decoration (i.e. no fish), you should consider a minimum water depth of 0.6 metres. During the winter, the deeper water will remain a few degrees warmer than the surface, offering a more comfortable area for the fish to semi-hibernate.

  • Plan the pond shape:

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    Water Garden can produce bespoke Box-Welded liners for more formal ponds if desired, which are made to the exact internal dimensions of your pond. Informal ponds tend to feature more curved, natural forms whereas a formal pond is generally sharp lines and often square or rectangular in shape.

  • Check the ground level:

    If the ground area is sloping, it will be necessary to build up the lower areas level to the highest point, so that the water level is maintained.

  • digging the deep water zone:

    The inner deep water zone can now be marked out and the soil excavated to the full pond depth. Ensure the sides of the pond are sloping inwards to prevent the soil collapsing.

  • Creating a top trench:

    It's a good idea to create a small perimeter trench around the top area of the pond, as this will prevent water from saturating the surrounding soil.

  • Fitting a Liner on a Watercourse or Waterfall:

    Carefully ensure that there are no creases on the adjoining liner surfaces. Degrease both the watercourse and main pond liner and apply the adhesive in multiple rows to ensure a permanent bond.

  • Pond & Garden Lighting:

    Pond Lights can be fully submersed and are ideal for illuminating streams, water features and fountains. Pond Lighting can also be used to highlight planting areas to great effect. Water Garden supply a wide range of Pond & Garden Lights in both Halogen and LED guises.

  • Pond Fountains:

    A pond fountain display can be used to add drama and water sound if desired. Fountains also help to aerate and circulate the pond water. A fountain usually consists of a submersed pump, a rigid tube ('riser') and a fountain nozzle. Different nozzles can be used to create a completely different water display.

Water Features are usually decorative sculptures in their own right, so these still look attractive when the pump is switched off. The use of underwater lighting can further enhance the visual appeal. Water Garden also offer a range of Dancing Water Features which are pre-programmed water and lighting displays and are ideal for garden ponds.

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