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Creative dental clinic interior design firm in Dhaka

Creative Dental Clinic Interior Design Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

What is the best suggestion for creative dental clinic interior design?

While going through the design & space management options, you must keep in mind that the overall function of the dental clinic should dictate the form of its design and layout rather than just the exterior look and feel, but at the same time it should also promote a sense of well-being to the patients as well as subconsciously market your dental practice.

  • Plan Ahead

    Even before you lease or purchase a space you need to be sure of how many operatories you would like to have. This will determine how much space you’ll need. Apart from the operatories, you also need to think of other rooms like waiting room with a front desk, a bathroom, x-ray processing room and sterilization area.

  • Open Design Reception

    Believe it or not, but subconsciously patients rate the value of your clinic based on the experience the moment they enter the clinic. This is why your dental clinic reception area must be spacious, open and inviting rather than being compact.

  • Multi-Functional Treatment Rooms

    The basic idea starts with how many treatment rooms you want in your dental clinic. For maximum efficiency, you must ensure that all treatment rooms are of the same size, include the same equipment and have the same layout.

  • Sterilization & Storage Area

    Sterilization and storage area must be considered while designing the dental clinic. However, it also depends on the function that is to take place there. Scrub sink, ultrasonic cleaners and sterilization equipment should be placed logically to ensure efficient management.

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