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Optimal Interior Design
A Quality House of Residential or Commercial Interior Decoration Firm in Bangladesh

There was a time when to people, interior design was just an idea of beautifying a home or office space with beautiful décor. But now the whole concept has been re-established and people are hiring experts for doing interior designs, be it for their residence or the office. Optimal Interior is a leading interior design company in Bangladesh, that provides you with the dream interior exactly the way you want! Our goal is to use your space the best way possible while ensuring the maximum level of comfort and functionality for you in the process.

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Interior Design
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Home Interior

We have some of the best home interior design plans for your dream house. You can check and choose any of the trendy styles based on your liking. However, if you have an out of the box concept, our experts will come up with a way to put life into it!

Office Interior

Office is an important place where the employer and employees spend almost one-third of their daily life. We will make your office stylish well-organized so your employees can feel the most relaxed while doing their daily tasks.

Hospitality Interior

For a successful hospitality business, interior design plays a vital role. From traditional to contemporary, we have some of the most exclusive designs to make hotels, resorts, restaurants, community centers, etc. more lucrative to the target customers.

Public Space Interior

Schools, libraries, shopping malls, etc. are some places where general people visit frequently. These places need to be designed to be convenient enough for public use.

Interior Projects
Idea to Implementation Process

In this modern era, interior design is not limited only to the dwelling or an office area. We must pay attention to all types of establishments to ensure the most practical use along with the visual appeal.

Arranging a home in a spacious manner is important because we would feel suffocation if it is crammed. We should manage our office space to give the employees a proper sense of responsibility without pressuring them. Similarly, each specific venture requires a different set of interior design plans.

From idea development to implementation, we provide an end-to-end interior design experience across residential design, office design, commercial design, retail design, healthcare design, hospitality design, etc. Our service is tailored to your style and budget preferences.

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  • Office
  • Exhibition
  • steel structure

Quality Works
Our Completed Projects

Waterfall Designed by Interior Design Service
A Beautiful Waterfall & Rooftop Gardening [@] Dhanmondi
Interior Design Service
Rooftop Duplex House Design [@] Mohakhali DOHS

Why Choose Us?

  1. Creative Interior Designer

    The foremost specialty of the Optimal Interior is that it has talented designers. We are a team of interior design experts who can transform your home, office or any other entity into an outstanding place.

  2. Modern Design Ideas

    Keeping up to date with world trends and providing you with modern design solutions is one of our specialties. We are aligned with what’s happening in the interior design world and work accordingly.

  3. Turnkey Project

    Turnkey (or turn-key) is a term typically used with reference to construction projects for which the developer undertakes the whole. Our modes of carrying any design project is a turnkey project

  4. Latest Technologies

    Keeping updated with the latest technologies is very important in the interior design industry. We are endowed with the latest technologies and equipment that help us make innovative designs.

  5. Affordable Cost

    We offer our service at an affordable price. Our optimized process, experiences, and expertise enable us to provide you with quality services at an affordable price. Spend less and get the most here.

How We Create
Your Dream Living Space

Designing your home or office in a way that creates a symphony inside takes organized efforts. We have a defined process of how to create and deliver the right design to you. First of all, we listen to your requirements carefully, that guide us in making a design of your choice.

  1. Meeting with Client

    In this stage, we get detailed requirements for the work. Interior designers including the project manager attend this meeting to get to know the requirements well. The client shares whatever he/she needs.

  2. Project Visit

    We visit your project to think about how we can make it an awesome place to live or work at. It gives us a better understanding of the project and it helps us come up with some unique ideas for designing it.

  3. Space Planning

    Planning and setting goals take place in this stage. We prepare a plan and share it with the clients to make sure they are updated about what he/she is going to have. We also set milestones.

  4. Understanding & Meeting Client Expectations

    This is one of the core stages of the entire process. Our designers engage and create designs that meet your requirements. The core designers collaborate with others in the team to make sure everything is on track.

  5. Get Client Approval

    We submit the design to you so you can have a look at the design before we install it and give your feedback on it. We take your feedback to modify the design and work on it again accordingly.

  6. Project Installation

    We implement the design in the spot with a proper setup. The operations team does this job while the project manager visits it to see if it’s going on in the right way. Thus, you get an impressive design.

Why Interior Design Firm / Consultant?

Most of the people think, that hiring an interior designer or interior firm will be too expensive, or that they’d lose control over the expectation. This is not true. Sometimes, you might need for someone to come in for a couple of hours and give you some really professional advice and ideas. Optimal offers consultations during which we can select new colors, discuss furniture placements, and a lot more. You will be amazed!

When you work with a designer:
  • You are more likely to meet your budget.
  • You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes.
  • You have an expert working with you, someone who will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for.
  • You will save time, headaches, and money.

Please Tell us about your project. One of our interior architect will walk you through the best affordable options to you.

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