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Decorative ceiling interior design firm in Dhaka

Decorative Ceiling Interior Design Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Truth be told, In general we say, “I don’t need all to have extravagant design in my room or office, but very simple & gorgeous.” But they’re a great opportunity to add some interest, color, and customization to your house ceiling.

Decorative ceiling is a very commonly preferred idea to improve the look of the interior which brings with a number of other goodness. Not only is a false ceiling a cool way to add drama to a dull and plain ceiling, it can act as  a good insulator against heat, conceal internal wiring and it provides solid sound proofing. False Ceilings are usually moisture and sag resistant thuse they are functional elements more than decorating ones.

Optimal comes across so many amazing ceiling decorating ideas like ° Ceiling Rose, ° Ceiling Strip, ° Cornis Corner, ° False Ceiling in the process. A lot of these wouldn’t work in every home, office or commercial spaces, but we thought we would pass them a long to you in case these get your creative juices flowing for your own home.

Here you can have a rough Idea what is ceiling decorating all about and how what extent it can go farther.

  • Decorative ceiling Tiles
  • Shallow ceiling
  • Simple painted ceiling border
  • Simple trim ceiling

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