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Luxury penthouse interior design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Luxurious Penthouse Interior Design, Decoration & Architecture Firm in Dhaka Bangladesh

Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. The term penthouse originally referred to, and sometimes still does refer to, a separate smaller "house" that was constructed on the roof of an apartment building.

Penthouse is the ultimate in luxury and privacy, a Penthouse room at the Darling places all of our best features at your fingertips.

Architectural definition of a penthouse apartment:

In architecture, the term penthouse is used to refer to a structure on the roof of a building that is set back from the outer walls. These structures do not occupy the entire roof deck. High-rise buildings often have penthouse structures called mechanical penthouses that enclose mechanisms such as elevator equipment.

Penthouse has the following amenities:

  • A penthouse offers maximum comfort.
  • A high-quality furniture, designer furniture supports exclusivity.
  • Set on a rooftop terrace, the penthouse has a view of the skyline.
  • Penthouse ceiling was constructed to be thirteen and a half feet high. Windows were made to be as high and wide as they could be.
  • Each section of the penthouse was furnished with unique materials.
  • The penthouse has a very sophisticated technology system.

We also offer the following residential interior services:

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