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Studio Apartment interior design firm in Bangladesh

Modern & Trendy Studio Apartment Interior Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Studio apartment defines as the art of making all the living needs fit into a small space. Honestly speacking studio apartment' is a fairly new concept but gaining popularity in the urban areas across the country. Only the fact that it have created beautiful spaces to live, work and entertain.

As we know that Bangladesh is over populated country, the living space is very limited in the city in this case we have to use the space rightly so that we can live well. In this situation, we need interior designer for better living at studio apartment.

Minimalism is the key to make your small studio apartment look modern.

A growing trend in this recent years is the downsizing of homes, the rejection of a material culture and the eschewing of excess consumerism.

They endorse life simplification, sound fiscal plans, self-sufficiency and spending more on experiences than on objects.

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However, with some ingenuity and the same can-do spirit of our early pioneers, it is certain that quality of life has not been downsized.

  • The Office Studio
  • The Expat Studio
  • The Traveller’s Studio
  • The Engineer’s Studio
  • The Designer’s Studio
  • Small Home Enthusiast

Some important matters have to consider at the designing of studio apartment

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  • Innovative Furniture

    Furniture with storage, that can be easily packed away or that serves multiple functions is an ingenious choice for smaller apartments. Using a discerning eye and utilizing all of the space available can make a world of difference when choosing the appropriate furniture to maximize space as well as comfort. An example of this can be seen in small apartments that have a high ceiling where the inclusion of a loft bed allows for space underneath to be used as part of the living area

  • Clever Storage

    Interior designing a studio apartment can often begin with an open plan room that includes all living areas, which allows for the opportunity to custom design space according to the personal taste of the occupants. Creative management of the space allows for small areas to be utilized as storage. Screens and mirrored sliding panels are an excellent way of separating the different areas of a small apartment while adding more light and the illusion of space. Clever storage can be incorporated into the design of sliding panels, so that belongings are accessible as needed without cluttering the appearance and functionality of the area.

  • Colorful

    We recognize that creative use of colour is an important element to incorporate into the interior design of any space, but even more so with a small apartment. Often neutral colours as a base palette with splashes of a chosen colour theme, such as a feature wall, will tie the different living areas together, creating unification throughout. Furnishings and rugs that anchor the colour theme are often chosen to complement the personal objects and art pieces of the occupants.

  • Be Lighted

    In a small space, the use of light is an important element to include in the interior design planning stages and can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of the area. Utilizing as much natural light as possible will be a significant factor in determining the placement of the various living areas, storage and wall panels. Additionally choosing creative lighting such as down lights, feature pieces and floor lamps brings style to a small space, highlighting the living areas as desired and lifting the atmosphere of the apartment.

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