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Best & modern small apartments interior design firm in Bangladesh

Modern & Beautiful Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas, Concepts & Service Provider Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

May be you live in a small apartment by choice or necessity. No doubt you are probably looking for clever ways to enhance the tiny space in your small homes or small apartment or houses. A little bit of creativity can transform your home into a beautiful living space. Most of the decor of modern Bangladesh homes are usually inspired by euro american style. But fewer like to see a combination of old heritage or Islamic style.

However, with time the adaptable tradition is changing day by day. No doubt, everyone likes to see his house a very modern and trendy interior look. So with limited resources in hand, you would want to bring out the best of your small, little apartment and be able to call it modern home.

Some of the unavoidable instructions for you to have a small apartment interior

  • Using Multi-functional Furniture: Think tea table that has added storage features, a sofa with foldout bed, extendable tables, ottoman with additional storage inside, etc.

  • Get objects off the floor: create more floor space by installing floating shelves, hanging light fixtures and retractable/fordable furniture (such as a table with leaves, a Murphy bed, folding chairs, etc.

  • Setting walls Light: Light walls make smaller shadows and can visually expand your space.
  • Scale your furniture: A large, comfortable sofa or heavy wooden desk is going to really shrink a little apartment. When you select furniture, think streamlined and thin pieces.

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  • Avoid floor lamps: They’re great but will only take up more floor space. There are so many other great lighting options available (hanging lights, recessed lights, under cabinet lighting, wall sconces, etc.) that don’t take up a lot of space.

  • Use mirrors: Mirrors are pretty trans-formative and can really expand a small space because it reflects light. Hang a large mirror (or collection of small mirrors) across from a window, and this will reflect natural light around your apartment.

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