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What can be better than welcoming your guests with flowers!!

Not all homes allocate a space for the foyer or entry way, especially if their area is limited. But some people still prefer to have one. A foyer is a lobby or an entry way from the front door that leads to a room or to the house. There are different ways to design a foyer.

Why someone need foyer design actually?
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Happiness
  • Concentration
  • Aristocracy

The entry is not only the first impression of your inside space but also a key component in experience comfort, safety and happiness while you live there. The most vital consideration allows us to feel safe. If we do not feel 100% safe in our environment, we will not relax, and if we cannot relax we certainly aren’t going to enjoy the time we spend in our living and working spaces.

The foyer is a decompression zone between the outdoors and the indoors. Having a designated entry helps our survival instinct adjust from scoping the outdoor environment we have just left and allows us a couple of moments to shift our attention to an indoor setting.

A entryway also allows the people in the home to have a buffer between their living areas and any strangers who may arrive at the front door. The entry allows us to experience a sense of safety by protecting us from potential intruders. This allows us a greater sense of comfort and relaxation in our homes.

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