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Container Homes /House Company in Dhaka

Pre-fabricated or fully customized luxurious container house supply in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

When building a shipping container structure,you need to lay a foundation which the containers can be placed upon.

The foundation type you can use will vary depending on your budget, structural requirement and the local soil type.

Typically any foundation which is used in traditional home construction can be used. However, concrete piers are one of the simplest and cheapest routes to go.

Concrete piers are a type of shallow foundation, In their basic form, they are concrete cubes which have reinforced steel bars with them.

A great advantage of using this type of type of foundation is that because the containers are up off the ground, it allows for ventilation and prevents condensation forming underneath the container.

6 concrete piers are laid for each container.

One pier is laid for each corner of the container and two piers are used in the center to support the middle of the container as shown in the photos below.

Available container sizes for building a luxurious container house

1) 20 feet Container (Length 20 feet, Wide 8 feet, Height 8.6 feet).

2) 23 feet Container (Length 23 feet, Wide 8 feet, Height 8.6 feet).

3) 40 feet Height Cube (HQ) Container (Length 40 feet, Wide 8 feet, Height 9.6 feet).

All are used Container but good and fresh.

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