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Why Steel Structure Is the Smart Choice for Your Building Construction?

Benefits of Using Steel for Structural Construction

Structural steel can be used in the structure of any type of building and provides a number of different benefits. No matter your building or business, if you are constructing a new building or even adding onto an existing building, using steel may the best option.

Top benefits of steel structural construction.

1. Speed

Steel structures take little time to erect since most components are engineered at the manufacturing facility. Because of this, even large-scale projects can be put together in just a short period of time. Since steel is pre-engineered, the chances of human error go down significantly, also reducing time needed to fix mistakes.

2. Cost-Effective

While steel itself has dropped in price dramatically due to advancements in how it’s made and engineered, using steel is also cost effective for a variety of other reasons. Since construction takes less time than other traditional materials, you save money. Steel also requires little maintenance so you spend less on upkeep.

3. Durability

Steel has an incredibly long life, especially when compared to other materials, such as wood. This durability means you spend less on maintenance. It also allows for the wide open spaces needed in buildings, such as airplane hangars and indoor arenas, as well as the incredible heights of skyscrapers.

The durability of steel also extends to how well it holds up under various weather conditions. Earthquakes, strong winds, heavy snow, and hurricanes all have minimal effect on well-built steel structures. Unlike wood, steel faces negligible danger from fungi, termites, mildew, mold, bugs, and fire.

Additionally, if you ever need to expand a steel structure, the material’s durability means that you don’t have to replace aging or worn sections to give the addition structural integrity. You can simply build onto the existing structure.

4. Light Weight

While steel is heavier than wood when comparing a 2×4 of steel and a 2×4 of wood, this is only due to steel’s density. When using steel as framework, however, a steel l-beam’s design means it’s lighter than not only wood, but also a number of other framing materials. To stay structurally sound, a wood beam must be completely solid, while many steel beams are hollow or filled with a lightweight material that decreases the beam’s overall weight.

This light weight means less labor is needed during construction and shipping costs go down. The building’s foundation and structural support systems can also be significantly simplified because you don’t need as much framing to hold up individual beams.

5. Versatility and Beauty

Steel can be cut and shaped into an incredible variety of shapes and sizes, and the steel will not buckle, warp, distort, or splinter. You may notice, if you ever go to a contemporary art museum, how many sculptures are made out of steel, thanks to its ability to shape practically any way the designer wishes.

Buildings with steel structural components can be eye-catching and unique with an extra artistic flair. Steel can also be designed to mimic other materials and textures such as shingles and wood siding so you don’t need to sacrifice certain visual appeal.

6. Eco-Friendly

Tens of millions of tons of steel are recycled on a yearly basis. Most steel is made completely of recycled material and will be completely recycled again. Due to its low weight, steel uses much less fuel to transport from place to place.

7. Energy efficient

Since parts are pre-engineered, they are able to fit more exactly, so when they’re combined with proper insulation, a building is completely airtight. Steel roofing panels can also be primed to prevent solar rays from heating a building.

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