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Popular Interior Design Styles for Your Home

Those days are long gone when people used to stick to a simple design when planning their home. Now everyone wants to give their house a unique look so it stands apart from the others. Incorporating these styles your own way isn’t difficult as there are many options available. You can also choose your desired one from these popular interior design styles for your home.

Modern Interior Design

The concept of this specific style is a mixture of the styles of the early 20th century to mid 20th century. Modern interior designs are supposed to be done in a simplistic manner. The calm and peaceful planning doesn’t involve many decors or colors due to the motto ‘’less is more’’. 

The designs are made using sharp lines, a simple color palette, clean space, big windows, etc. You can use glass, steel, iron, etc as the core element for your home. 

Contemporary Interior Style

Many of us confuse contemporary style with a modern interior, but these two have some basic differences. Contemporary represents the current trend, whatever that is ongoing including technological advancement as well. 

That means you can take any technique from other interior types and modernize it to create your own unique design. The designs are simple yet functional including trendy and aesthetic sculpture. The color palette could consist of both neutral and vibrant colors.

Minimalist Interior Style

The minimalist design can be interpreted as the fusion of modern and contemporary interior style, but with more refinement and cost-effective. In this style, you have to use minimal fixtures with a touch of contemporary colors. The plannings are more functional than ornamental, accentuating the existing pattern and shapes that your original house structure has. You can always experiment with the style and lines in this particular interior style, making the process more fun and enjoyable. 

Traditional Interior Style

If you are thinking about a classic and elegant look for your house, the traditional style is the most perfect. This style includes wooden furniture and railings with ornate details, molding trims, lucrative lighting fixtures, etc. 

Big windows from floor to ceiling with heavy curtains are one of the most significant features in this style. You can use beautiful patterns and colors to highlight your space. In this design style, you don’t have to limit your extravagant decor because more is never extra for a traditional look.

Transitional style

Many people like to blend both modern and classic styles when building their homes. Because while the traditional one emits elegance, the modern look is more functional for regular life. For such preferences, the transitional interior style is more fitting as it mixes the best features of both styles. You can decor your house with sleek and ornamented wooden decoration while playing with neutral colors.  

Industrial Interior Style

The industrial style covers more of a raw style interior pattern for your home. It is a more natural and practical approach to make your home realistic with less detailed work. You can keep your brick wall without any painting while the color palette would look better with a blackish or greyish hue. This style demands out of the box thinking. You can even use tires as seats, traffic signs, or any recyclable materials as decoration. All depending on your budget and imagination.  

Vintage Style

Vintage style has been very popular among people for a long time. A vintage style home oozes elegance and classiness of the victorian era with its magnificent appearance. The furniture like ornate mirrors, clocks, wares, dinnerware, etc. used are heavy with detailed work, while the color and fabrics match with each other to portrait an aesthetic vibe. You can also use decorated wallpaper to give your interior a more graceful look. 

Rustic Style

Rustic is such an evergreen interior design style that sets your house apart from many other design structures. It embraces the natural textures and rugged beauty while incorporating a comfortable living style. Wooden floor, neutral wall, ceilings with beams, handcrafted fittings, fireplace, etc. are some of the most common features used in rustic design. The more natural your house looks, the more of an earthy warmth you can feel.     

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular design styles you can use to build your home. However, there is more! If you want an amazing looking nest to build or renovate, our interior design service can help you with finding the perfect style to suit both your taste and budget.