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Ceiling Design Ideas to Give Your Home a Luxurious Look


A home reflects the dwellers personality. The aesthetics and decor of your home signifies your everyday lifestyle. We, Optimal Interior, help you to express yourself by giving you ceiling design ideas to give your home luxurious look.


Your home deserves beautiful finishing from floor to ceiling. Your fifth wall (ceiling) needs as much attention as your other four walls need. If you give extra attention to your fifth wall, you will get the best out of your space.


Ceiling designs need structural planning and perfect architectural inputs. It helps to intricate details to grace your home for years. We have some beautiful ideas discussed to get you splendid ceilings for your home.


Particular Style for Particular Room

Depending on the theme of the room,the ceiling should be designed. To avoid going wrong with the proportions and dimensions, the space of the room must be considered. Designs defer from one space to another. One design suits for the ceiling of the living room another for the masterbed. You can not mix and match these designs as a particular room needs particular design.


Know Your Design

You can not put a living room ceiling design for a bedroom. You need to decide the style of your rooms before planning the ceiling designs. Height of the ceiling decors is a big issue while designing the ceilings of the particular rooms. For example, the ceiling of the living room with texture and contours look good. Bedrooms look good with lightly decorated ceilings with gentle lighting or medium sized chandeliers. 

Lighting of the Ceiling

Varied effects can be created by layered lighting. For creating modern decoration on your ceiling, it is important to decide the contouring of the ceiling. Decide beforehand how you want to set the lights on your ceiling to highlight it beautifully. You can choose colors like golden,white and warm white and set them according to your space usage. It will make your ceiling look more elegant.


Height of Ceiling

You can do a variety of things if you have a high ceiling. False ceilings can be added to get the best out of high ceilings. If you have a low ceiling then you don't need to be sad over false ceilings. You can paint your ceiling beautifully or you can lent textural elements with it. You can set doorbells hanging from it or little show swings will add extra charm to your ceiling. So you can decorate work with both high and low ceilings.


Colors of Your Ceiling


The color of the ceiling affects the look of your home just as the color of your other walls affect you. For a regal effect you can use dark wooden false ceilings. Right ceiling colors can be bright, textured or layered. Ceilings don't have to be white always. You can keep it shiny or you can choose a mattish look to make your ceiling more sophisticated. Choice is yours but choose according to the theme of your room.


Skylights at Strategic Point


Skylights are undeniably beautiful things to add to your ceiling. The position is very important as it can ruin the look of your ceiling if positioned wrong. You can also avoid the excessive use of artificial lights by setting a skylight. During the days you will have enough natural light for your room and at night you can stargaze right from your room. Skylights add different dimensions to your rooms. This is a must try if you live in your own home or the top floor of your building.


Different Shapes 

Different shapes and elements can make your ceiling more beautiful. Though rectangular ones are more popular, circular shapes look good too. If you want to add softness and flow to your ceiling you can add circles or curves to it. It looks more suitable for the traditionally designed home. If you are a minimalist or you have a modern home then geometric patterns will look wonderful.

Ceiling Materials

You can decorate your ceiling using lots of different material. For example you can use wood, gypsum, plaster of paris and so on. For various residential and commercial ceilings,plaster of paris is widely used.It doesn't require maintenance and decorating is easier with it. It is also very durable. Gympus boards are also used to keep the ceiling soundproof. Wood adds texture and it is easy to install but requires maintenance and pretty expensive.


Maneuvering Of Service Lines

Service lines have easy access to your home. It generally requires to pass through your ceiling. Specially the electrical wires are installed all over your home. If you are using a false ceiling then it must be done carefully to avoid damage to these lines or wires. If you are using painting to the ceiling be sure your paint covers any uncovered wire so that it doesn't look odd. Be careful while doing so as you may get electrocuted. Know your wire first before painting it.

You need to know the right tone for your ceiling or you need to leave it on the experts by hiring them. The design of your ceiling sets the mood of the room so be sure you get a happy one.